Announcing clj-base64

Published at: 20.IV.2010 16:22 CEST
Categories: clojars, clojure, english

I’ve justed released a small clojure library called clj-base64 for encoding and decoding data using the Base64 coding scheme. The code’s at github (and gitorious) and a pom and jar have been pushed to clojars.

Lein it up:

  :dependencies [..
                 [clj-base64 "0.0.0-SNAPSHOT"]]..

And use it:

(use 'remvee.base64)
(encode-str "I 8> clojure!")        ; => "SSA4PiBjbG9qdXJlIQ=="
(decode-str "SSA4PiBjbG9qdXJlIQ==") ; => "I 8> clojure!"


Mike @ about 12 hours

You know there’s a base64 encoder in clojure.contrib, right? clojure/clojure/contrib/base64.clj

Unfortunately it doesn’t do any decoding.

Remco @ about 17 hours

I know.. but it didn’t teach me any clojure or got me to play with clojars. ;)