elein.el: leiningen functions for emacs

Published at: 19.VIII.2010 19:41 CEST
Categories: clojure, english

I’ve bundled my emacs leiningen convenience functions into a package and dropped it on github for other people to use. It’s a collection of interactive commands for common lein tasks used within a project; elein-clean, elein-deps etc.

Mosts of the commands basically run lein using the emacs compile function, with the exception of elein-swank and elein-reswank. These also handle (re)connecting slime.


  • download elein.el
  • copy it somewhere in you emacs load-path
  • (require 'elein)
  • open up a file in a leiningenize project
  • M-x elein-version

I hope somebody finds this useful.

Hubert Iwaniuk @ about 4 hours

Thanks for sharing it.
I love it.

Edgar Gonçalves @ 1 day

This belongs in ELPA , and fast! People need to be using this :)

In the future, I don’t know if you wouldn’t be better of resourcing to cake, since it’ll be using the same JVM session and save lots of time (I’m not sure if lein can already do that, I remember reading somewhere that it was being thought about).


Anonymous @ 29 days

Thank you!! Please submit to ELPA if you can. So nice!