Semira sings songs

Published at: 4.IX.2012 23:40 CEST

My pet store application is a music streaming website and has been so for over 15 years. Every 3 to 4 years I rebuild it using whatever tool is the sharpest in my shop at that time. I’ve build it using Perl, Java, Ruby and (the most recent incarnation) Clojure.

The feature set changed a lot over time; the early versions simply browsed directory structures, later versions extracted meta data from the audio files and, later on, used that to provide structure. Some versions had playlists, a news sections and even downloads. The latest version goes back to the basics; being able to search, browse and play music. But it does a bit more than that: it works on Android and iOS too.

So please welcome Semira to the world of Open Source Software!

source on github